Aug 18

The Benefits of Plantation Shutters During the Summer

When shopping for window treatments, you have many choices. While you could add drapes or window blinds, plantation shutters provide several important benefits, especially during the summer. Plantation Shutters Are a Window Treatment If you are not familiar with plantation shutters, they are like blinds constructed from wood or faux wood. Both standard blinds and […]

Jul 18

Selecting the Best Shutters for Bedrooms

Made-to-measure shutters really can make an incredible difference to almost any interior space. Combining elegance with practicality and unbeatable value for money, once you’ve experienced shutters in your own home, there’s no going back! But with such a huge range of styles and specifications to choose from, what kinds of shutters best suit bedrooms? If […]

Jun 18

How Much Light Do Shutters Block Out?

This has to be one of the most common questions we hear from new and existing customers on a daily basis: Exactly how much light to shutters block out? The short answer – it depends entirely on which types of shutters you install in your home. Realistically, you cannot expect any types of shutters to […]

May 18

How Do Plantation Shutters Open and Close?

Here at Riverside, one of the most frequently asked questions among our customers is also one of the most important: How do plantation shutters open and close? A simple question, though with an answer that perhaps isn’t quite so simple! Versatile Plantation Shutters This is because while plantation shutters may be traditional in design, they […]

Apr 18

What Are Window Shutters Used For?

High-quality window shutters are becoming increasingly popular among discerning homeowners up and down the country. Nevertheless, there are still many for whom a rather important question needs to be addressed: What are window shutters used for? Given the various alternative window covering options on the market, what are shutters for? What’s their value and appeal, […]

Mar 18

How Are Window Shutters Fitted?

Here at Riverside Shutters, one of the questions we hear most often is that of how to install window shutters around the home. How to install outside window shutters, how to install plantain shutters and generally whether the DIY approach comes recommended or otherwise. The short answer being that if looking for the best possible […]

Feb 18

What to Consider When Buying Plantation Shutters

Looking to buy plantation shutters online? Wondering how to buy shutters safely from an online source? Here at Riverside Shutters, we’re all about helping our customers make the best possible decisions for their homes. We understand that when planning to buy window shutters online, peace of mind is of the utmost importance. Along with selecting […]

Jan 18

How Plantation Shutters Can Benefit Your Commercial Space

Window coverings and treatments for commercial spaces are available in an endless range of shapes, sizes and specifications. For obvious reasons, those in charge of commercial properties must take many considerations into account, when selecting which commercial shutters or window treatments they need. Some options seem more obvious than others, but one of the most […]

Dec 17

A Brief History of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters have been used to add both charm and practicality to homes of distinction for generations. But have you ever stopped to consider the history of plantation shutters and their origins? Or for that matter, the history of window shutters in general? In the case of the latter, mankind has been using all manner […]

Nov 17

10 Reasons to Consider Plantation Shutters

Here at Riverside Shutters, we’re often asked similar questions from our first-time customers. What are plantation shutters? What are shutters for? How to decorate windows with plantation shutters like the pros? And of course, what are the advantages of plantation shutters for the average home? The way we see it, there are many reasons why […]