Jul 19

When Should Window Shutters Be A Consideration?

Among developers and interior designers alike, window shutters have been growing in popularity for quite some time. The same also applies to homeowners, who are welcoming shutters into their homes in record numbers across the UK. But what kind of home or interior space represents the right candidate for window shutters? How can you determine […]

Jun 19

Three Reasons to Install Plantation Shutters

There are many different reasons why you might choose to install plantation shutters in your home. For one, you might just enjoy the appearance of them and being in a house that looks nice is always a good thing. There are also several other health-related reasons why you might choose to invest in some plantation […]

May 19

Quality Window Shutters for Improved Energy Efficiency

These days, we all know how important it is to improve the energy efficiency of our homes. Along with reducing your carbon footprint, boosting your home’s energy efficiency can also save you a fortune long-term. There are many minor tweaks and modifications that can contribute to the cause, but few are quite as effective as […]

Apr 19

Understanding What to Look for in a Shutter Company

Everyone wants to be able to have really nice shutters for his or her windows. There are many different shutter businesses on the market for you to choose from. Not all of them are going to be worth doing business with, though. In order to have the best possible experience, it is recommended to seek […]

Mar 19

Shutter Showdown: Vinyl or Wood?

Plantation shutters add an air of elegant craftsmanship to any room. At the same time, they’re extremely versatile and provide an affordable solution for homeowners. The tough part is choosing a material for these shutters. People want something that will match their current design and fit into their budget. On the same token, they don’t […]

Feb 19

Are Shutters Compatible with UPVC Windows?

If you’re curious or concerned regarding your UPVC windows and their compatibility with quality shutters, you’re in good company. In fact, it’s one of the most commonly asked questions on the subject among UK homeowners. The short answer is simple – UPVC windows rarely represent a challenge when installing shutters. It may not be possible […]

Jan 19

5 Key Considerations When Choosing Between Blinds and Shutters

Blinds or shutters – which is the better pick for your home? As usual, the answer depends on a variety of factors you’ll need to take into account. Even if you’ve ruled curtains out of the equation, you’ll still have an endless range of quality window dressings to choose from. So to help narrow things […]

Dec 18

Security Shutters: Protection, Performance and Prestige

Plantation security shutters are designed to combine the best of all worlds in one beautifully presented package. Traditionally, it’s been a case of choosing to enhance the security of your windows and doors or invest in elegant window treatments. Security shutters have been around for generations, but have typically lacked any real aesthetic value. Today, […]

Nov 18

Improvements Your Home Needs Before Winter Comes

Some home improvements are best accomplished when the weather is still a little warm. By tackling these seven items on your to-do list, you can make sure that you are prepared for colder weather. 1. Install Window Shutters There are a number of reasons why you should consider window shutters for your home. Not only […]

Oct 18

How to Choose the Perfect Window Shutters

Window shutters represent a long-term investment in the comfort, practicality and general appeal of your home. As such, it’s worth thinking carefully about which shutters to go for, along with where and how they should be installed. Plantation Shutters Around the Home Most interior living spaces are perfect candidates for plantation shutters. For a bedroom […]