Shutter Styles

Plantation shutter styles

Full height

Imagine cool, crisp lines covering the whole window and complementing your chosen room design.

Think of total privacy, a stylish new look and ultimate light control. Riverside shutters provide these benefits and so much more. Wrapped up in a timeless style statement, and available in a range of materials and colours, full height shutters span the whole window.

Full height plantation shutters easily let light in, or block it out based on your preference, due to their simple panel configuration, providing fantastic privacy for your home. Adding a layer to your windows, shutters are also a great form of insulation, helping retain heat during the winter.

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Tier on Tier

Imagine shutters that could give you ultimate flexibility in light control and privacy, with effortless style that fits your vision perfectly…

That’s exactly what Riverside shutters are designed to do. They look and feel just like full height plantation shutters, but they have two separate panels – one on top of the other – that each function independently.

The beauty of this design is that you’re able to enjoy light flooding in through the top panels when open, whilst comfortably controlling privacy by leaving the lower panels closed. Opening the top panels echoes the look of café style shutters, whilst resembling the appearance of full height when shut.

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Track Shutters

Tailored to suit all preferences and requirements, our track shutters comprise multiple panels with a cutting-edge bypass system for ultra-smooth adjustments. Designed and manufactured from scratch for a seamless fit to suit all interior spaces and themes, our track shutters represent the ultimate in affordable quality for classical and contemporary homes alike. By-Pass and Bi-Fold Options – Meticulously tailored to suit all preferences and budgets.

Key Features: By-pass and bi-fold options, Available in a variety of finishes, Excellent for dividing living spaces, Made to measure from scratch, Flawless and effortless movement, Optional free floating panels

Suitable for: All windows and doors, Dividing larger spaces, Patio doors/wardrobes, Contemporary office spaces.

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Imagine bringing a touch of continental chic to your home, with sleek shutters that only cover the bottom part of your window.

Picture a solution that leaves light flooding in through the top half of your window, while you make a design statement below. Not only are café style shutters a beautiful expression of taste and flair, they’re also a smart and practical way to block out unwanted attention from the pavement outside. So you can enjoy bright sunshine and total privacy, all in one.

They’re ideal for living rooms and kitchens that face the street, and for enhancing the authentic look of Victorian properties. That said, they fit perfectly with contemporary décor too and offer a huge amount of kerb appeal to any home.

CUSTOM Shaped Shutters

Re-imagine any space, no matter how unusual or awkward with a design statement that’s practical, precisely fitted and picture perfect.

Increasingly, homes are imbued with all manner of window shapes and sizes – unique features can add character to any wall, roof or ceiling. But they’re not always practical and it can be hard to find coverings that fit. Not so with Riverside shutters. They let you take back control of light and privacy and make a bold design statement at the same time.

Round, square, triangular, oval – whatever the shape, you can enjoy a premium, made-to-measure shutter system that fits both the space and your sense of style perfectly.

Wardrobe doors

Imagine turning an ordinary wardrobe into an exquisite design feature, with shutters that are as desirable as they are practical…

Wardrobe door shutters will do just that, effortlessly. Most wardrobes have solid panels that open outwards, limiting your space. But Riverside shutters offer so much more flexibility. You can choose to either have fold-out doors, or install a smart track system and slide your doors partly or fully open without compromising space.

Your shutters can be made to measure any wardrobe and colour-match any high street paint, so they’ll instantly look as though they’d always been there. Best of all, you can open the louvres to ventilate your clothes while keeping the doors closed!

Other Styles

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