Measuring for Plantation Shutters

For us to give you an accurate quote for plantation window shutters, all we need is the width and height measurements of your window(s).

Straight/Square Window Shutters

If you have wooden Sash Windows, then simply measure the width of the wood or plastic including the framework of the window, and for the height: to the top of the framework from your Window Sill.

If you’re only wanting Cafe style (half-height) Window Shutters, then just measure up to the split-point of your windows: this is usually either the top of any cross-bar or top of the ‘lower’ sash window.

If you have UPVC windows, we’ll normally supply/replace like-for-like ‘low-profile’ handles. This is critical in making sure that the Louvers clear the handles and that your framework doesn’t have big, ugly build-outs, which most Shutter Companies will suggest.

If your window sits inside a ‘recess’, then we only need the height and width of the recess (see below). So ignore frameworks etc as, in most cases, we will be fitting your shutters directly to the recess plasterwork.

Critical and accurate measurements will be taken in the final survey, but this will not affect the plantation shutters cost which we have quoted you for, in fact, there is a chance that the final price will be lower.

Plantation Shutters for Bay Windows

Below you can see a number of Bay Window Types as a guide. Don’t get put-off with the dynamics of the drawings, we only want the overall ‘accumulated’ frame width and height as with the square windows.

You can treat a 3, 5, 6 or even 7-part bay as ‘separate’ panels, each adding-up to the total width – but remember to include the frame(s) at each side.

Note that we will only need one height measurement for a multiple windowed bay.

Measuring for Door Shutters

Measuring for Door Shutters is simple: all we need is the width and height of the framework (as in the single windows) or the width and height of the recess.

When we fit doors, unless we’re using a tracking system, we will only fit a 3-part (top, left & right) framework so that when the doors are open, there is no lower frame to catch your toes on! So when measuring for the height, just take the measurement from the floor to the top of the doors framework or the top/inside of the recess.

Look at the example diagrams below and measure each of your windows/doors accordingly, regardless of whether it is a single window or French doors. All we need is the overall height and width of EACH opening (including the frame).

So all you need to get started – is a tape measure!