Custom – Arches and Shapes

As well as designing your internal window shutters completely Bespoke, Riverside Shutters London has a full design and build service for Custom shapes. Custom shapes include Triangles, Full circles, arches and even Hex shapes.

We can create custom shutters for you


Design and Build

Our attention to every detail means that every custom shaped window shutters fit perfectly. In order to make sure that your window shutters look great, we will apply our top design knowledge to give the best application that looks fantastic but is also fully functional.Whether it’s a complete arch, half-half mix of shutters and blinds or a carefully designed system to fit your conservatory, Riverside Shutters London will work with you to get that perfect finish.The design process is relatively straight-forward, but in order to assure a snug fit and great looks, we will design your shutters to give maximise effect and looks.

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From hex shapes to sunburst flair arches, Riverside Shutters will manufacture your Custom shutters to a complete bespoke fit.


Ugly, plastic conservatories can now look Stunning and give you complete security together with privacy and great looks.

Mix Shutters and blinds for a cheaper alternative. Just look how swish these windows look in a top-floor apartment in Kensington.

Custom shaped window shutters made to fit with a wooden upper and MDF lower panel segments.

Custom fan-arch in beautiful white softwood timber, 63mm Louvers and hidden tilt-rods. Great looking internal window shutters.


Tracking Systems

In cases where the span of the opening is too wide to fit a framework for multiple doors hanging from hinges, we will recommend a top-track system for your window shutters.

Our tracking system is the best money can buy: withsmooth-glide upper tracks, the doors will slide smoothly left to right, or all left/all right configurations.

Our lightweight Memphis wooden Plantation shutters are light enough to allow multiple panels, but even in some cases, with narrow recesses or minimal wall-space to work with, a tracking system will give you the best results.

Again, this system requires complete attention to detail and that is what Riverside Shutters London offers: complete attention to detail and care in designing your window shutters.

A top-track system is a popular choice with designers with large areas of glazing with little or no vertical fixings.

So if you’re looking for a solution to that void and need expert advice, give Riverside Shutters a call today or use our free quote facility.

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